2-way Crocodile Fabric

  • Common name: Cotton 100% (Cotton 2 chiều) Cotton Spandex (cotton 4 chiều)
  • Characteristic: Thoáng mát, thấm hút mồ hôi tốt, co giãn lớn, màu sắc đẹp
  • Use: Thời trang nữ: áo T-shirt, áo quần thể thao, đồ ngủ. Thời trang nam: áo T-shirt body , trang phục lót.
  • Content: Cotton 100%, Cotton + Spandex
  • Fiber type: CM 20, CM26, CM30, CM36, CM40, CM50
  • Weight: từ 140g đến 250g
  • Breadth: 170 cm - 220 cm. Co rút: 3% - 5%
  • Price: Call
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2-way crocodile fabric
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When it comes to cotton fabric, nobody doesn’t know it is the fabric that rules the roost in the market with outstanding advantages but high price. According to supply and demand theory - in order to meet the demand of cotton, the manufacturers have successfully applied science and technology in production to create a miniature copy of the 100% cotton elastic fabric called "65/35". So, what is the 65/35 fabric?
1. Origin of 65/35 fabric
Far from the past, people have known to use cotton yarn from ripe cotton fruit to weave into fabric and make clothes - that is the 100% elastic fabric we use nowadays. Standard cotton fabrics are entirely from cotton fibers, only applied science and technology in soaking, bleaching to increase durability, anti-mold, anti-item for fabric and the fabric has many advantages. However, not all cotton fibers are available for people to pick up. It has to go through a long process of growing plants -> fruits -> waiting for ripe fruit bloom cotton. On average, in our country, cotton is grown only in 2 seasons, and not every area can grow cotton. The demand of people is increasing, the amount of cotton fabric completely woven from cotton cannot fully meet the needs of garment - insufficient supply leads to the greatly increased in cost of product. The high price of 100% cotton fabric requires people to create a new fabric similar to cotton fabric but in cheaper price by adding other ingredients to the fabric, interwoven with cotton fibers. Since then, 65/35 fabric was born.
2. Characteristics of 65/35 fabric
The name has implied all the components and characteristics of the fabric. 65/35 fabric is consisted of two main components as its name: 65% natural cotton and 35% synthetic polyester (PE). The majority of this fabric is still natural cotton, so it still has the striking characteristics of cotton yarn. 65/35 elastic is easy to distinguish by eye because their appearance is very glossy. The fabric is comfortable, good elasticity, soft and the price is lower than the 100% cotton. However, due to having nylon fiber, the fabric should be hot, less hygroscopic, quickly be ruffled. Price is always equivalent to quality, when using this fabric consumers need to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of it to promote the advantages, limit the disadvantages.
Suppose, if you had clothes from 65/35 elastic fabric, you should wear it when having not much activity, avoid sweating and wear them in cool weather. At the same time, clothing made from 65/35 fabric will be more durable, less ruffled if you wash by hands, wash the backside, hang in a cool place and avoid sunshine. How we choose what and when to wear for different activity will help consumers overcome the disadvantages of this fabric and also have the costume equivalent to their financial.
3. Types of 65/35 fabric
There are two types of 65/35 elastic: Tixi two-dimension and four-dimension, serves for a variety of purposes and requirements of the user, suitable for all ages. Especially with a bit hardness of PE yarn, this fabric is widely used for men fashion to create dynamic appearance of men clothes.
There are many types of 65/35 fabric available in different sizes, weights and prices. The main fibers used are 20s, 30s, 40s with weights from 150g to 250g, the average fabric width from 1.7m to 2.2m enables the consumers to use fabric for sewing with various sizes without worried about missing or in too much excess.
4. How to identify the 65/35 fabric
Many people read the article and wonder: why do I also use cloth from 66/35 fabric but do not see the advantages as mentioned? The reason is that maybe the fabric you are using is not the right fabric as the name implies, on the market today there are many counterfeit and poor quality of this product. These counterfeit items are called "65/35" but actually the fabric makes of less than 65% cotton fiber. In addition to identify these fabrics by eye, consumers can burn a sample of fabric, you will see the sample fabric burns quickly, ash dispersed and has a small clot.
5. Address for supplying high quality 65/35 fabric
There are many different manufacturers of fabrics in the market today, some companies has good reputation with high quality products but vice versa, and it make you disturbed when choosing a right supplier with reliable fabric. Coming to all our Lami products, you will not have to worry about the quality of products as well as quality of service of the company. Our company is committed to:
- Quality assurance: fabrics produced by Lami in general and 65/35 Crocodile elastic in particular ensure the quality and the original of materials. Company always pays attention from the selecting raw materials stage to the production stage. Before reaching customers, fabrics will be undergone a very strict quality inspection. Make sure that just by a slight touching you can feel its true quality immediately.
- Safe for your health: 65/35 crocodile elastic fabric produced by Lami always makes of the materials which are not only good but also absolutely safe for consumers. We use high technology and closed production process in weaving and dyeing to bring the products that absolutely safe and do not cause hypersensitive to the skin of the user.
- Diversity: Always catch up with the trends and the needs of consumers, we always update the latest colors, styles, sizes to meet the needs of all customers and to all purposes.
- Friendly and enthusiastic: Experienced staffs are always ready to give advice and answer your questions all the time. In addition, we allow customers to check the goods before purchasing to be received customer’s trust on the product. If the product has any defects by the manufacturer, we will give you an exchange as well as a suitable warranty.
- Reasonable price: Due to having everything done by itself and receiving a lot of orders from its beloved customers, so the number of fabrics that produced in batch is always sold in large quantities with cheaper price. Crocodile elastic products made in Vietnam will make you not only be assured about the price but also the quality as genuine shirt. With Lami, you will not have to worry about the price of the fabric because we always sell at the same price or lower than the market price but high quality compare with any products of other companies. 
With reasonable price, favorable characteristics and easy to overcome disadvantages, 65/35 elastic fabric has been and will be the best choice of many consumers.  Aiming of using prestige and product quality as the foundation for the development of the company, Lami understands the needs and desires of the customers and try to constantly improve the quality and the design of the fabric to the market. Lami promises to bring you the best 65/35 fabric and other fabrics that will please you most.
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