4-way 65/35 spandex fabric

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Difference between 65/35 4-way spandex and 65/35 4-way tici fabric

4-way 65/35 spandex fabric, also known as 65/35 cotton spandex fabric, 4-way CVC 65/35 spandex fabric, fabric can stretch in 4 directions horizontally and vertically.


As mentioned in the product content of 2-way 65/35 spandex fabric, the difference between these two fabrics is the ratio between cotton and polyester fibers: 65/35 4-way spandex fabric has a ratio of 65% cotton. and 35% polyester, while the 4-way tici has 65% polyester and 35% cotton.



The 4-way 65/35 spandex fabric has the same characteristics as 100% cotton spandex: good sweat absorption, softness, suitable for uniforms, both summer and winter fashion. In addition, the cost of 65/35 4-way spandex is also cheaper than 100% cotton spandex.



With a composition of 35% polyester, the 4-way 65/35 spandex fabric also feels quite smooth, holds its form and can be hand washed or machine washed, reducing ruffles and durability is also much higher than fabric. 100% cotton spandex



Customers wishing to buy 65/35 4-way spandex fabric, please contact Song King Group Sales Department for advice and quotation.

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2-way 65-35 spandex fabric Tici 2-way stretch fabric

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