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PE spandex fabric, a special kind of ribbed spandex fabric

If you need a type of fabric that can create tight, body-flattering dresses, PE ribbed fabric is definitely the only fabric that can meet that.

What is PE ribbed fabric?

PE ribbed fabric is a type of spandex fabric with very recognizable characteristics with the naked eye that is on the surface of the face. The fabric has 1 recess and 1 floating ribbed running along the entire fabric.
The material to weave the ribbed fabric is very diverse such as: cotton, poly, PE. To weave PE ribbed fabric, textile factories often use 2-rig looms with 2 needles to knit the yarn together to create floating and sinking veins.

The characteristics of PE spandex are similar to PE ribbed spandex fabric

Woven from 95% man-made PE and 5% spandex
High elasticity in 2 or 4 way
The fabric does not wrinkle, the thickness is large, and it is heavier than other fabrics
Fabric does not deform when stretched
Fabric is less prone to dirt and dust

Application of ribbed spandex fabric

PE Ribbed fabric is suitable for Winter outfits because of its great thickness.
PE Ribbed fabric is used to sew bodices, collars of warm coats and jackets
Widely used to sew women"s body-hugging dresses or children"s clothes, interior decorations...

To increase the durability of the PE ribbed fabric, please do not wash with strong detergents, do not dry with a washing machine or air dryer, do not dry in direct sunlight.

If you have a need to buy PE ribbed fabric, please contact Song King Group sales for advice on purchasing.

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